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Community Hair Loss Advisory Seminars

We host FREE monthly virtual and in-person hair loss and hair care advisory sessions, suitable for cancer patients, menopause hairless, nutritional deficiency hairless, men, women, teenagers and more. In these sessions we will provide information and opportunities for learning about how cancer patients can prevent and manage hair loss. We will provide natural hair growth solutions, well-being oriented services and activities to the Black , Mixed-heritage, Asian and European Communities. Lastly, we also provide counselling and advice regarding tackling hair loss.


Don't Walk Alone on this Journey

Most people experience scalp issues. But it’s okay, we are here to help. Our community provides free counselling by giving awareness and management of wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. We focus on:

  • Educating and enlightening cancer patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We encourage our patients to face their fears and recognise that recovery is an ongoing healing journey

  • Diagnosing our patients with scalp and hair conditions, making recommendations, and drawing up a plan they can follow

  • Creating an environment that builds a support system for cancer patients and provides advice about how others coped with changes in their hair appearances. We offer counselling and advice to help tackle hair loss problems

  • Providing coping strategies through teachings, coaching, mentoring classes, workshops to minimise the frustration and anxiety associated with hair loss

  • Ensuring counselling services are available and accessible to cancer patients suffering with hair loss, which will then reduce the demand that cannot be met by the NHS.

How Will This Benefit Our Community?

The community will benefit by the activities we set out to do to support our aims. We are always looking to collaborate with other professionals where appropriate which will:


  • Enable cancer patients who suffer from hair loss to develop meaningful and satisfying lives, with increased opportunities for participation in the community

  • Promote joined-up progressive care pathways, providing recovery learning courses that reduce experience of stigma and discrimination. Signposting to professionals who can help specific issues will include:

  • Valuing personal stories and recovery strategies, the views and stories of all races and genders experiencing hair loss

  • Support development of self-help skills that support natural hair growth

  • Creating a welcoming, friendly and respectful atmosphere

  • Massage and pampering therapies: During the program, patients will be taught how to do some pleasure activities that will take their mind off their diagnosis. We will teach behavioural health strategies such such relaxation techniques, deep breathing & meditation.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about hair loss, hair care and getting quality professional advice? 

Send a message to 07965 293093 to receive further details on when you can attend a FREE seminar.

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