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We are here to help if you need us, but you may get a quicker response by having a look through our frequently asked questions

  • What are your opening hours
    Please see our opening hours below: Please note that there is a surcharge for out of hours bookings (before 9:00 and after 18:00).
  • Can I still get my hair done if I'm late for my appointment?
    We charge a £20 late fee for each 15 minutes of lateness, after 30 minutes your appointment will unfortunately need to be rescheduled. However, please contact us to double check if it will be possible for us to still see you, sometimes we have cancellations and can fit you in!
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    Our booking system will only allow you to book 2 hours before the available treatment time. If you are trying to book within our opening hours and you are urgently needing assistance but there is no availability showing on our calendar, you can give us a call to see if we can fit you in. Call 07956 293 093. Otherwise, you only need to book with 2 hours notice.
  • What happens in a consultation?
    Your hair and scalp will be fully examined with a visual exam and a trichoscopy examination so we can look at your scalp in close detail. A consultation can be daunting especially if this is the first time the patient has experienced any problems but rest assured a trichologist always works under the strictest confidence and as well as their professional skills you will find them compassionate, with a desire to help. During a consultation, your trichologist will look at any health problems you may have, any medications you may be on, diet and lifestyle. We ask that you do not wash your hair on the morning of the consultation so that we can see the hair and scalp in its natural condition. If you have had any blood tests bring along a copy of your results, a list of any medications you are on and a list of products you are currently using. After the consultation, if the trichologist deems it necessary to have any further tests they will recommend which tests you need, the trichologist will diagnose and recommend treatments that can be carried out at the clinic or recommend a home care regime.
  • What trichology services do you offer and what are the prices
    Please click this link to find out more about the consultation process and our pricing. You can also call our Trichologist, Belinda to find out more directly by calling 07956 293 093.
  • Do I need to be referred by the GP to book a trichologist?
    No not at all! If you are at all worried about a hair and scalp complaint you can self-refer and contact a trichologist direct for an appointment, just remember to check that the trichologist is qualified. Our Trichologist Belinda is fully qualified and experienced.
  • What is trichology?
    Trichology is the science and study of the hair and scalp. (from the Greek ‘trikhos’ meaning hair.) clinical trichology refers to practicing members who are registered to practice and is the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders of the human scalp.
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