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Revitalize and fortify your hairline with our Hairline Stimulating Treatment Cream. Specially formulated to target the delicate hairline area, this cream is enriched with powerful ingredients designed to stimulate hair growth, strengthen follicles, and promote a fuller, healthier-looking hairline.



A deep re-moisturizing hair mask argan essentials hair treatment will add shine, smooth, soften and improve hair health. 

Just once or twice a week and course dry hair will feel reviatlized and hydrated. 

fortified with pure argan oil and it is exceptionally rich in vitamin E, anioxidants and essential fatty acids to help moisturise, feed and protect the hair.

Nurient enriched a rebuilding hair mask for when hair is damaged and needs moisture. 

Leave in for 20 minutes to deeply moisturise or condition very dry hair. 

Hair Line Stimulating Treatment

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