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Customer Journeys & Testimonials

Learn about how Trinity Trichology Clinic has helped others and be inspired

Derek Francis

I had my first trichology appointment with Belinda Asafo-Agyei, and immediately as I sat down, I felt so at ease. Dawn is very professional, very engaging and extremely knowledgable. I would highly recommend her.

After only one session I already feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel, an I am excited to see what the future holds now we have a treatment plan in place – I can’t thank her enough!

Bhav Jones

I made an appointment with Belinda after noticing that my hair appeared to be thinner than it had previously.

After a consultation and examination, Belinda wrote to my GP requesting a blood test, to which they complied. My blood test results helped confirm Dawn’s initial diagnosis, of ‘Telogen Effluvium‘. She explained to me what this was, (in a way I could understand), and suggested an appropriate treatment. Six months after seeing Dawn, and following her professional advice, my hair started to show visible signs of being back to normal, and continues to do so.

Young Dancer

Tess Brown

I was recommended to Trinity Trichology Clinic by my friend, after concerns that my hair was starting to recede.

I found her approach to my problem very professional and thorough and a correct diagnosis was given. A letter was quickly dispatched for my doctor who in turn referred me on for treatment.

I am extremely satisfied with the advice Belinda gave me and would certainly recommend her services.

Lisa Rose

My hair has always been quite thin, but last year I noticed that it seemed to be getting thinner. I have a thyroid problem, and take medication for this, so thought it could be something to do with that. Also, putting it down to fact that as I am getting older, it could simply be age related or the menopause.

However, Belinda has been my stylist for a number of years, and while she was studying she noticed my hairline was receding. Upon looking at this myself, I could now see that there was a white patch all the way around my hairline, where the hair had been. I once had a widow’s peak, which was no longer there. I knew my hair seemed thinner at the sides, but didn’t actually notice that now it was on the hairline as well.

I had been to the Doctors before, and expressed my fears of my thinning hair, but they just passed this off as my age/menopause!!

If Belinda hadn’t of been studying at the time, I would have never of known. I would continue to think that it was just my age or the menopause. I don’t know what I would have looked like now. I am very grateful to Belinda for what she has done for me. Belinda is very knowledgeable, and explains everything in fine detail. She has helped me so much, so anybody with any hair or scalp problems, please don’t just pass it off as old age, and do nothing about it. There is always a reason for everything!

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